Everyone online presumably is an expert today!  With much of the information being misleading, making it difficult to navigate through the real truth of ones intentions. As many of these online tutorials gears its literature towards you buying from them.  So they tell you need something unrealistic and how you need to stay within very strict parameters, making it nearly impossible to find a diamond that meets all the criteria.  Than if you reach out to them, they try selling you what they have with a diamond that doesn’t come close to meeting the stringent criteria they listed.

The truth is finding a diamond online is no easy task, as you have to realize that the trade has cherry picked the best of the best! Especially the top “SI” clarity that loupe more like a VS that are not hazy, and the Medium to Strong Blue fluorescence that do not affect the brilliance.  Trust me if you find a diamond online and the price is too good to be true, there is a very good reason the trade has passed on it!  As with online, ones opinion is always “how much”, though in person everyone has an opinion on beauty and rarely if ever picks the diamond with the biggest discounts.  Comparing diamonds in person side-by-side in the correct environment your confidence will grow and you will know for sure you picked the very best diamond that will be cherished for many lifetime’s to come.  At Liberty Diamonds we have team of diamond experts that can help you navigate through all this information and understand the value of the diamond you choose to be cherished for life.